Stefan (timewheeler) wrote in nbners,

Sup internet

First off, to those I offended by what I said - lighten up, nothing that was directly pointed at a single person was meant in a negative tone.

Secondly, to those I offended by what I didn't say - lighten up, it was not an intentional slight on my part. It's been a long time since I talked to you all, and I'm sure those who were missed know which group they should fall into.

Thirdly, the target of my post took it in the right light, and she didn't object using the "but it's NbN!" argument, when she has the most right to do so.

Finally, about me leaving the forum: I am not the first one to leave the forum when opinions about me were split - but perhaps the amusement factor in this situation arises from empathy.
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