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Just a quick notice.

For those of you that haven’t heard, nBn is being revived. The forum has had an update (it is now using phpbb3, instead of phpbb2) and it looks a lot newer. However, those of us that remain (and I think there’s around ten of us, give or take a few) are talking about what we can do to attract new members and revive the forum a little more. What I’m trying to do is get the attention of those of you that aren’t active on the forum and thus haven’t heard about it.

I know that a few of you don’t play Neopets anymore or, if you do, don’t play it actively. I wouldn’t worry – neither do I, although I miss quite a few of my old pets. On that note, however, I think we’re looking to make the forum a little less Neopets-orientated (not enough to prevent it from being Nothing But Neopets, but enough to at least be more community-orientated than it was before) and a little more compatible to those of us that don’t want to strictly talk about Neopets and only Neopets. As I’ve said, I think it’s being made a little more community-orientated. I could be wrong, however, because it’s Megg’s decision.

However, I’m just giving you the heads up that if you’re interested in keeping nBn alive, it’s probably best to go and give them a heads up. :) I think Megg’s looking for suggestions on the forum as well, and, y’know, anything would be helpful at this point, within reason, of course.
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